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Psilocybe galindoi ‘Georgia’ Mushroom Spores

Psilocybe galindoii 'Georgia' Spores

Galindoi ‘Georgia’ Mushroom Spores galindoi ‘Georgia’ Mushroom Spores vials are produced under sterile conditions and should be kept dark and refrigerated (2-8°C) to increase the shelf life of the spores. Vial vs. Syringes Spore vials are superior to the spore syringes in most fields. Get the best results when cultivating Georgia P. Galindoi magic mushrooms with […]

cambodian psilocybe cubensis spore print

cambodian cubensis spore print

cambodian cubensis spore print Cambodian psilocybe cubensis spores are a great cubensis strain for the beginning cultivator and researcher. The Cambodia strain it’s mycelium grows very fast and can colonize substrate in notime. Some say the Cambodia is a fast fruiter, others say the Cambodia takes its’ time to develop a full flush of mushrooms. […]